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RUG STAR by Jürgen Dahlmanns
Verkoop Nederland door Wool Products

Hello everybody and welcome to our work, welcome to Rug Star.

Me and my team, we are 100% RUG ADDICTS, we love what we do, we love each rug we create and if it is less as it could be we are not happy at all, because there is already to much useless rubbish in this world, with no love and no passion and no sense.

We are proud to be connected so deeply with such a fascinating handicraft product as the hand knotted rug. And we thing there is no space to compromise, or beauty walks in the next moment into opposite.

Our key words are origin, honesty in material and honesty in the production process to create beauty that we can add to people their homes and their daily life. Our hope is to add something that is tender, naughty, smart, honest, charming and/or sexy... We are curious and we will never stop searching, this is a value I hope we can always offer.

So welcome and enjoy to what we can share with you, we hope we can always make you fall in love again.

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